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In which I give some history about this blog and a little about me.

Hi there! My name is Caitlin and I'm happy to see you here.
I'm currently studying "Art, Technology and the Business of Innovation" in Los Angeles at the USC Iovine Young Academy (yes, that's the actual major and I don't like saying it ten times fast).
I work with a close, but diverse cohort of 30 other students in approaching life in innovative ways using art and technology, among many other disciplines.
We work in constantly changing teams and have tackled problems and pitched solutions that range from the specific (making USC more skateboard friendly to Rodney Mullen, the inventor of the ollie skateboarding trick) to the very, very broad (envisioning the future of backpacks in an increasingly digital world to the President of JanSport).
One time, I had to build a cardboard racing boat from scratch in less than 48 hours.
Cardboard boat racing. We had 48 hours to build this.
I still pinch myself everyday because of how much I love what I do.
I find excitement in the mundane.
I believe dance parties fix things.
I think mistakes are ok if you learn from them, excuses are lame, and that life is an adventure.
I am creative and curious.
In my free time, I love crafts, road trips, and learning/eating/trying/seeing new things.
I often get asked by friends about what exactly I'm doing in college, because it sure seems like I'm just having a lot of fun (and yes, that is true). I'm also learning a lot about myself. This blog is being started to document all of that. Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading it.
Yours truly,
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